Greatness Immortalised Greatly

Prince RIP 1958 - 2016

22 April 2016

Prince RIP 1958 - 2016

It was an honour to work with Prince. 
His genius and vision extended beyond his 
music and his imagination knew no bounds.

Together we created the 21 Nights Opus that he was truly excited by. The first Opus in 
the music genre. Creative meetings always 
ended up with either pancakes or a 
jam session in his basement. It was fun 
and we feel privileged.

His life was lived in a very private manner 
that created mystique and so
 much curiosity amongst his fans. 
His Opus allows us to share
 his fantasy, orchestrated by himself.

21 Nights will last forever!

Last remaining copies strictly sold on 
a first come, first served basis.